Top Tips to Choosing a Care Home for Your Loved One

It can be daunting considering how to choose a care home for your loved one. There are so many things to consider. We understand that you really want to make the right choice. Central to this is getting advice on what to look for.

At Eastleigh care homes in Devon and Somerset, we want to make the transition from home or hospital to a care home as smooth and easy as possible. You can always call us on 01769 573166 for advice about your loved one, but here are some important tips to help you make the choice:

1.     Different types of care

Your first decision needs to be about the type of care home that your loved one needs. You need to choose between:

  • Residential care: Here residents have a home-from-home environment where they are supported by professional carers with some aspects of daily living.
  • Palliative care: With palliative care, end of life care is the focus of the support provided, with the onus on making an individual comfortable, reassured and peaceful.
  • Nursing care: Specialist nursing care supports residents with the tasks of daily living but can also provide nursing care, such as catheterisation or stoma bag care.
  • Dementia care: This is specialist care for those living with dementia and its effects such as memory loss and confusion.
  • Close care: Much like independent living but close to a care home with access to their facilities and support.

2.     Staff

When people consider prospective care homes, they often focus on facilities. These are important but also take some time to think about the staff. The carers are those who will spend most time with your loved one. Are they professional carers who receive regular updated training? Is there good morale amongst the staff? What is the turnover rate like? Look around and see if you can witness the interaction between staff and the residents.

3.     Individuality

The technical term you want to look for is person-centred care. In short this means: is the care tailored to the individual? The goal of the care provided should be to support as much independence as possible whilst meeting care needs as appropriate.

4.     Family

Consider how the families of residents are connected to the home. Are they welcomed as an active and important part in the lives of the residents? Particularly during the current pandemic, how are families and residents kept close to each other? How are visits or communication enabled?

5.     Facilities and amenities

The look and feel of the buildings and premises is important. Consider if there are welcoming gardens and communal spaces. Think about the rooms available and how comfortable and welcoming they feel.

It’s also worth asking questions about what your loved one can bring with them. For example, a small item of furniture can really help someone to feel at home. Also ask about things such as meal times and activities.

At the end of the day, don’t underestimate your own instinct. Whilst your chosen care home will ultimately get to know your loved one, you know them best right now. Consider the impression you get when you communicate with different care homes. Take a look at their websites and look out for how it makes you feel.

It’s a big decision ahead of you and it’s normal to find it hard. If you need any help then please do call us on 01769 573166 and we can explain more about our care homes in Devon and Somerset.