Eastleigh: The Best Devon Care Homes

At our Eastleigh Care Homes we provide different levels of residential care according to need, all close by to each other, and benefiting from shared resources. Our care homes in Devon provide sheltered accommodation, residential care, nursing care, and dementia care, all according to an individual’s specific needs. All settings provide a warm, caring, and appropriately stimulating environment where each resident is treated as an individual.

Care & nursing Homes in North Devon – The Types of Care

Often when considering a care home, or residential care, you will be faced with needing to make a precise decision regarding the level of care your relative needs. Not all care homes provide the same level of care.

The three main types of care are:

• Nursing homes

• Residential and Retirement Village/Home

• Dementia care

Additionally, your relative may be best suited to sheltered accommodation where there is the security, and facilities, of a care home nearby. Not all care homes provide all types of care.

Eastleigh in South Molton

At Eastleigh, we take a more holistic approach to our Devon care homes. In South Molton, all within close proximity of each other, and indeed benefiting from shared facilities, we have three homes:

• Raleigh Mead

• East Street

• Rossiter

Together, these care homes provide every level of care your relative requires – both now and in the future.

Rossiter: Sheltered Accommodation for Independent Living

•Rossiter is our glorious independent living facility in a renovated Georgian home. Each resident has their own well-proportioned and comfortable flat with their own living area and kitchen. The gardens are just beautiful, and wonderfully relaxing. However, just a short stroll away is the security and community of our East Street home. Residents of Rossiter House may eat their meals here, socialise, or make use of the in-house hair salon. Rossiter provides a home intended for independent living with the security of a care home.

•East Street is our residential care home providing retirement care. Here we provide luxurious furnishings and facilitate a home-from-home environment. Residents are cared for as the individuals they are. Our in-house chefs are the talk of the town, and we have a friendly and convivial atmosphere among both residents and staff. Residents are encouraged to partake in our diverse activity programme if they wish. At East Street we can also provide tailored dementia care.

•Raleigh Mead is also situated in South Molton and is our nursing and dementia care facility. Raleigh Mead is a pioneering home which doesn’t sacrifice comfort, opulence, and a homely feel for a clinical feel. Instead we provide exceptional nursing care in a warm and caring environment which very much feels like home.  Our dementia care at Raleigh Mead is ahead of the field, with dementia-friendly lighting and furnishings which provide security, reassurance, and comfort.


Dementia Care 

Our Raleigh Mead care home paved the way in dementia care, with a sensitive and individualistic approach to both residents and their loved ones. The rest of our care homes quickly followed and Eastleigh care homes are at the forefront of dementia care. Our facilities and strategies focus on the specific needs of the individual, their life, their stories and memories. Respect and value as an individual are the core of our ethos; we seek to involve families and offer peace and assurance whilst navigating the unpredictability of dementia. 

Choosing the Right Care Homes in North Devon

We understand that choosing the right home for your loved one can be an immensely difficult and bewildering time. At Eastleigh, you can rest assured that we are able to provide the full spectrum of care to ensure that your relative receives the right level of care both now, and in the future.

We are immensely proud of our reputation for leading care homes in Devon, and we hope you’ll come and see for yourself what we have to offer.

To find out more about care homes in North Devon, please call 01769 573166. You can also download the brochures for Rossiter House, East Street, and Raleigh Mead. We hope these brochures will help you feel more confident in your decision.

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