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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I will like living at Eastleigh?

We can offer you a trial visit when you will have the opportunity to sample all that is on offer, from a trip out on the mini-bus to tasting the delights from our award winning kitchen.

How will I know that my needs can be met?

The Clinical Director/Home Manager will endeavour to meet with you in your present environment to discuss your current needs prior to your move to Eastleigh.

When can I receive visitors?

This is your home and we appreciate that you may wish to have visitors at varying times and therefore there are no restrictions on visiting hours.

Can I come and go as I please at Eastleigh?

Yes, of course, but for your own safety any risks to you must be managed correctly and therefore we ask to be advised of your intentions in advance; to ensure that we can support you to enjoy your excursions as much as possible.

Will I be able to see my Care Plan and Medication Notes?

You can request to see your Care Plan at any time.

How can I find out more about Eastleigh and see a copy of the latest Inspection Report?

You have two ways of finding out more about Eastleigh; 1. You may call in at any time or you may choose to make an appointment to meet the Managing Director or Home Manager, and to have a personal tour of our homes. 2. You may contact the Care Quality Commission on 03000616161 and the Inspection Report is on their website www.cqc.org.uk.

How do I arrange to have a telephone in my room and how do I pay for this?

In our Minehead and East Street Home's there is a telephone point in all rooms and connection can be arranged with BT. Bills will then be sent either to you directly or to whoever looks after your financial affairs. In our Raleigh Mead Home we have an internal telephone system in which we can arrange for a line to be set up in your room. We will then send monthly invoices to you or whoever looks after your financial affairs.

Can I receive Sky TV?

Yes, you will need to subscribe as an individual to Sky direct as you would in your own home.

Can I have a newspaper delivered every day?

Yes, the local newsagent delivers every day to Eastleigh and the bill can be sent either to you directly or to whoever looks after your financial affairs.

Can I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening?

This is your home so of course you can still have your evening drink and we would be more than happy to order items like this for you on the Internet or provide it at an agreed additional cost.

Can I enjoy a cigarette at Eastleigh?

Unfortunately to comply with current legislative requirements we are a “No Smoking” home and therefore we are unable to allow smoking within the home.

How often will my laundry be collected?

Laundry is collected from rooms daily and normally returned within 24 hours.

How do I have my dry cleaning done?

We can arrange for this to be taken to the local dry cleaners and collected for you.

Will I be registered with a doctor?

If you are already registered locally this will remain the same. If you are from outside the area then we can register you with a GP of your choice or you may leave that with the staff involved with your care. The district nursing team visits all residential clients for their care needs, but if you are a nursing client then the nurses within the home will attend to all of those nursing needs.

Can I bring items of my own furniture?

You are very welcome to bring small items of furniture. For Health and Safety reasons we need to restrict the room from becoming cluttered and it is necessary for all items of furniture to be fire retardant.

Will the cost of care rise in the future?

Yes, it is likely to. If it is a concern, either speak to a member of our management team and/or Chris Lee on 07810 481248 for free independent specialist advice on long term care funding.

How do I make a complaint?

We have a formal complaints procedure within the home. When you become a resident you will be presented with a Philosophy of Care which will give you clear guidance should you feel that you need to raise a concern.

Can family and friends dine with me?

Family and friends are very welcome to enjoy the hospitality of the home by joining their relatives for a meal.

What does a sample menu look like?

Please see the sample menu below which would typically be offered to residents, with the option to have cheese and biscuits or fresh fruit as an alternative to dessert.


Porridge or a selection of Cereals
Grapefruit or Prunes
Toast or Bread with Marmalade or Jam
Scrambled, Poached or Boiled Eggs with Toast or Bread
Traditional English Breakfast
A selection of Fruit Juices, Filter Coffee or Tea

Mid Morning

Filter Coffee or Tea with Biscuits and Fruit selection


Beef Bourguignon served with Dauphinoise or Creamed Potatoes, Glazed Carrots and Broccoli
Homemade Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake


Fillet of Battered Haddock, Chips and Peas served with Tartare sauce
Raspberry and Coconut Sponge Pudding served with Custard
A glass of Sherry or Wine

Afternoon Tea

Filter Coffee or Tea with Homemade Cakes

Evening Meal

Cream of Tomato Soup or Chilled Fruit Juice
Roast Turkey and Cranberry Sauce or Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches or Homemade Quiche served with a Salad Garnish
Crème Brulee

Evening Drinks

Filter Coffee, Tea, Horlicks or Ovaltine

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