Eastleigh: Care Homes in Somerset

If you’re considering a Somerset Care Home for yourself or your loved one then read on to find out more. We have a Care Home in Somerset, just a short ride from the resort town of Minehead – you can learn more about our Minehead Care Home here.

Care homes provide different levels of residential care according to need. At Eastleigh care homes, we provide nursing, residential, and dementia care. Within each type of care your needs and comfort are paramount. All residents in our care homes are treated with the individual care and respect they deserve. We are proud of the care we deliver.

Somerset Care Homes: Types of Care at our Disposal

When considering care homes you need to pay due attention to the type, or level, of care required. Not all care homes provide the same type of care.

The three main types of care are: nursing homes in Somerset; residential and retirement homes; and dementia care homes. Not all homes provide all three types of care.

Eastleigh Care Homes

Eastleigh have a welcoming and exceptional quality care home in Somerset, in Minehead. Our Minehead home provides all three different types of care:

• Dementia care

• Residential care

• Nursing care

This allows you to confidently choose us as your Somerset nursing home or care home, certain that you will receive exactly the right level of care for your needs.

Care is provided within our wonderful home which benefits from an excellent location – not far from the centre of town and with beautiful views to be enjoyed from our mature and well-tended gardens. Life here is relaxed, friendly, welcoming and warm.

Retirement Homes Somerset

At Minehead, we provide residential care which facilitates independence whilst providing the safety net and community needed. Residential care here is about comfort. Our chefs prepare excellent dishes catering to a wide range of tastes, which are always served with a glass of wine or sherry if you wish. Alongside this our lounges are friendly and welcoming achieving a perfect balance for both privacy and socialising. Our activities are varied and diverse, ranging from a trip on the Flying Scotman, to simply having your hair done in our in-house salon.

Nursing Homes in Somerset

Minehead has purpose-built nursing care facilities allowing us to provide respectful and nurturing nursing care. Our nursing care rooms look less like a hospital and more like a luxurious hotel, and we always pay careful attention to the needs of each and every resident. We work closely with both mainstream and alternative healthcare providers to ensure the care we provide is relevant and helpful.

Dementia Care

At Eastleigh we are proud of our reputation for being at the forefront of dementia care. We work closely with our pioneering dementia care home at Raleigh Mead in Devon to provide dementia care which recognises the whole person, and aims to bring peace and reassurance. Our strategies and care provision for those with dementia focuses on the individual and their story. We’re honoured to be walking this part of the journey with you. All of our care homes, in both Somerset and Devon, provide the highest level of specialist support to residents and loved ones. 

To find out more about care, and to find out more about our different homes, please get in contact.

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