Why You Will Enjoy Your Retirement Village in North Devon

Why You Will Enjoy Your Retirement Village in North Devon

There are a myriad of reasons to sing Devon’s praises. It’s one of the nation’s most popular spot for visitors dreaming of stunning landscape, delectable food and a slower pace of life. However, the reasons why Devon is such a wonderful part of the UK particularly ring true when it comes to the quality of life and opportunities for retirees. Nationwide, Devon and the South West have a reputation for being the place to retire. But why is this? Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons you should consider making the move to Devon on your retirement.

10 Top Reasons To Love North Devon

  1. Community:

For many retirees, the community of work has now slipped away and it turns out the hectic pace of working life has left you somewhat isolated from your current local community. Yet community is essential to an enjoyable retirement.

Attempting to build a new community for yourself upon retirement is tricky, without the natural contacts that working life affords. However, in Devon with the influx of retirees and communities geared to the older generations, it is considerably easier.

This is particularly true if you choose to move to one of the large number of retirement homes in Devon. Many offer independent living within the safety net of a wider community. These offer a perfect retirement destination in a thriving hub of similar minds.

  1. Choice:

Which brings us closely on to the second reason we think you should retire to Devon.

Due to the large number of retirees making Devon their home, there is a vast choice when it comes to choosing your retirement accommodation. You can choose from sheltered accommodation, retirement homes, care homes and nursing care, according to your needs.

You should also be able to choose a living arrangement which suits you now, and supports your independence, whilst also having provision for your future. You needn’t ‘make do’ or settle for best here.

Eastleigh Care Homes are an excellent example of this. Eastleigh forms one of the best retirement villages in Devon, simply because of its variety of care within one close area. Care at Eastleigh Care Homes ranges from sheltered accommodation to full dementia and nursing care. You needn’t find ‘home’ just to have to move on and away from the community you’ve recently settled in to.

  1. Security:

It’s interesting to know that the safest town in the UK in terms of crime rates is Bideford, North Devon. Bideford and the rest of the North Devon region are low crime spots. The pace of life here is relaxed and easy, and you will feel safe and secure.

  1. Food and Drink:

Retiring in a different region of the country is an opportunity to enjoy the finer side of life. Devon is a foodie haven. You can enjoy food straight from farm to fork with a vast number of farmer’s markets. Local restaurants have access to the freshest and finest ingredients on their doorstep, including seafood straight from the local fishing ports. Of course, retirement is the perfect time to socialise over a relaxing cream tea too.

  1. Beautiful Landscape:

Now retirement is here you have more time to appreciate the countryside around you. There is a spectacular range of landscape, all within striking distance of the best retirement homes in Devon. You have the moody moors of Dartmoor and Exmoor, the rolling farmland punctured with valleys and views, and of course the wonderful coastal scenery. Beautiful villages are two-a-penny. Nonetheless, Plymouth and Exeter are within reach if you are looking for culture and city experiences.

  1. The Climate:

Want to live in the mildest place in the UK? The South West is calling. Thanks to the North Atlantic Drift we have a distinctly warmer climate compared to the rest of the UK. Snow, not a friend to the older generation, is a rare site here.

  1. Things to do:

Once you’ve settled in to retirement for a few years and finally reached the bottom of your lifelong to do list, you’ll be on the look-out for new and interesting things to do.

Devon offers a broad retirement community meaning there are ample opportunities to find something to do which keeps your curiosity piqued and stimulates the mind. Leisure time is supremely catered for in the South West. There’s a good reason why plenty of holiday makers head to the area!

You can discover more places to visit with your elderly parents.

  1. Nature’s Paradise:

It’s not just the stunning landscape, but looking a little closer, the Devon countryside is a nature lover’s heaven. With less urbanisation than much of the UK there are vast areas which are unspoilt habitats for England’s finest fauna and flora. If you enjoy the chance to spot wildlife then you will be spoilt for choice from coastal ecosystems with sea birds and mammals such as dolphins and seals, to the wild ponies of Dartmoor.

  1. Volunteering Opportunities:

Volunteering is a chance to meet new people and ‘give back’ to others and society. Now you have more time on your hands, you may be seeking volunteering opportunities. Being able to volunteer doing something you love is vital.

In the South West there is a huge range of volunteering opportunities from conservation to historical buildings, and community shops to hospital drivers. Your skills and time will be valued.

  1. Places to Live:

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, in North Devon you’ll find the right match in terms of property. For retirees it is vital that you choose a retirement location with the most appropriate accommodation for supporting your independence now, but also with access to exceptional care for the future. You get this in villages in North Devon such as South Molton. Furthermore, at retirement communities such as Eastleigh Care Homes, you’ll have access to a varied and interesting range of activities and opportunities.

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