Why is Dementia Care Important?

Why the right care for patients with dementia is essential for giving them a greater quality of life. 

When it comes to caring for people with dementia, we bring a supportive and person-centred approach. We recognise that going down the route of getting help with dementia care can be daunting, bewildering, and fear-inducing for families. We are here to provide the same assurance for caring for people with dementia as we do for all of our residents: providing everything we’d look for ourselves if we, or our loved ones, were looking for help with dementia care.

Getting dementia care ‘right’ is important on so many different levels. Caring with dignity and respect allows the affected person to retain as much of who they were as possible, and removing much of the fear for both the individual and their family. With dementia there are, unfortunately, a great number of unknowns. The right care can limit the negative impact of the unpredictability of dementia. Excellent dementia care will focus on engagement, and providing stability and security through the very best support.

Putting the Resident First

Caring for people with dementia is a vital and rewarding service. Our aim is to ensure our residents with dementia receive the highest quality and research-based care to improve their quality of life, and bring peace and wellbeing to daily living.

We endeavour to start as we mean to go on: by making Eastleigh feel safe, familiar, and like home from the moment a new dementia resident arrives.

We assure you that we will always deliver care in a person-centred way, tailored to your loved one. We combine this with a passion for hearing everyone’s stories, no matter how they are imparted, and in a way that fosters security and solidarity. We give time and energy, reassurance and calm, in the right amounts and when they are needed.

Practically, when it comes to caring for people with dementia, we create personalised journals and memory aids along with our state-of-the-art phased lighting, and ‘dementia-friendly’ furniture, which is aesthetically relaxing, whilst also being functional. We offer familiarity, reassurance, and support, both practically and emotionally.

Focusing on Loved Ones

We fully understand that the road you have travelled recently with your loved one has been complex, challenging, and at times heart-breaking. We recognise that you are as much in need of reassurance and confidence as your loved one. We work compassionately with advocates, caregivers, and family members to manage the transition of all newcomers to Eastleigh, and to support you as a family moving forward by providing the best in dementia care.

The Eastleigh Difference

At Eastleigh, we believe in going beyond the expected in care provision, and providing the absolute best in dementia care – that which we would want for our own loved ones. We believe in recognising and preserving the identity of the individual as we care for people with dementia, within a framework of respect and dignity.

Caring for people with dementia is possible at all three of our South-West Nursing Homes: East Street; Minehead; and Raleigh Mead.