Who Qualifies for Nursing Home Care? 

Understanding elderly care, and what you or your family member needs, is essential to choosing the right nursing home care, and indeed the right home. Nursing home services vary, and you need a clear understanding of what you qualify for.


Different Types of Nursing Home Care

There are generally three different types of nursing home care in the UK: residential care; nursing care; and specialised nursing care (such as dementia). If you intend to solely self-fund your care then you can choose whichever level of care you feel is appropriate. If you are seeking financial care support from the state, you will need to identify what nursing home services you qualify for.

Some care homes provide more than one type of care. This is the case at Eastleigh.


Do I Qualify?

Different people require different levels of care. If you are hoping for financial assistance with your care home fees then you will need to have your needs, and finances, assessed.  Your care needs will be assessed by your local adult Social Services department. To find out about relevant assessments in your area of Devon, use this postcode finder tool.

If you are assessed as needing nursing home care then you may be entitled to financial assistance to cover, or go towards, your nursing care with a private nursing home provider such as Eastleigh. It is important to note that even if the State is paying for your care, you still have a choice in which residence you live. Your chosen nursing home services and home needn’t even be in your current county, allowing you to move nearer family if you wish. The amount you are entitled to depends on both your physical needs, and your capital and assets.

The assessment will determine the level of care that you need. For example, if you need extra support with your life and personal care then a care home will be determined ideal. If you require nursing assistance, then a nursing home will be preferred.

You may also qualify for additional financial assistance from the State. You may be eligible for Attendance Allowance and the NHS funded nursing payments if you are assessed to need nursing home services.

Assessments may need to be redone in the future due to changes in care needs and financial status. It should be noted that you should never be left with less than the current Personal Expenses Allowance after your self-contribution to your nursing home care fees.

Eastleigh homes vary in terms of the services they offer. Minehead and Raleigh Mead specifically offer nursing home care, but for further information on all of our homes, and the level of care they provide, please follow the desired link Minehead, Raleigh Mead, Rossiter and East Street.