September 17, 2019
Most Suitable Clothing In A Nursing Home

How can the Right Furniture Help the Elderly?

We don’t generally think about the changing needs we have of our furniture as we age. Indeed, for many there’s a lack of knowledge about how and why furniture can help. There’s also the associated cost and upheaval of change. However, the right furniture can help to reduce the risk of falls, provide greater support and comfort and even help to reduce anxiety in a dementia patient. At our care homes in North Devon and Somerset, we understand the vital importance of furniture when providing care for the elderly and those with dementia. At our Raleigh Mead home particularly, we use innovative and pioneering research regarding furniture design and provision. However, there are also changes you can make at home […]
September 17, 2019

10 Things you should know about Dementia

We hear the word ‘dementia’ and automatically make assumptions. However, dementia brings with it a range of symptoms and difficulties, and our natural assumptions can lead us to misunderstand. At our care homes in North Devon and Somerset, we are experts in providing dementia care. These are 10 things that we think that everyone, including loved ones of those with dementia, should be aware of:
August 16, 2019

Tips for Managing Your Time When Caring for Elderly Parents

Caring for an elderly loved one brings many challenges. One such challenge is simply how to manage your time effectively. This is particularly true if you are in the ‘sandwich generation’ caring for both your elderly parents and dependent children who are still at home. Standard time management tips may not be useful here, so we’ve put together a list of tips for how to manage your time when you’re caring for elderly parents. The goal is that you should feel less frantic and burned out, and more in control.
August 12, 2019

How to Help to Someone with Dementia When They Don’t Want Help

Dementia can be a very distressing condition for the sufferer and for their loved ones. Often, especially in the earlier days of dementia, defensiveness and denial can lead to an individual refusing help. This refusal of help can put you in an even more difficult position. You may feel powerless or that they are making things harder for you (and themselves). You may even feel that their unwillingness to accept help is a personal attack on you, or even may lead to them being in danger.
July 23, 2019
What Are The Symptons Of Dementia?

How to Choose a Care Home in Somerset?

A care home should be a happy, caring and enjoyable place to live. The move to a care home is often fraught with negative emotions. Yet, the care home should feel like home whilst meeting the actual care needs of the individual residents both now and down the line. This means that choosing the right care home can be incredibly complex, especially as many family members will never have undertaken this task before. This is our guide to choosing Somerset care homes for your loved one. The Right Home for the Individual at the Right Time The first step is to consider the individual and what they need. Your primary consideration should be the level of care that the person […]
July 23, 2019
Which Is Best? Nursing Home Or Residential Home

How to Find the Right Care Home for Your Loved One in North Devon

We take a unique approach to provide care homes in North Devon. At Eastleigh Care Homes we consider it vital to provide exceptional care which fosters appropriate independence in a setting which feels as much like ‘home’ as it can. This means that instead of considering residential care, nursing care and dementia care as three completely separate types of care, we provide all within close proximity to each other, in South Molton. This approach enables us to offer residents a holistic approach to their care as it changes over time. It is this which marks us out as different, as well as our pioneering and innovative care and luxurious settings. Finding the right care home can be complicated, but at […]
June 28, 2019
Which Is Best? Nursing Home Or Residential Home

Care for Older People in Other Cultures

Ever wondered what care is like for the elderly in different cultures? We are proud of our heritage as a care home provider in the South West of England. Nonetheless, what lessons could we learn from other corners of the globe? It matters to us that we have wine and sherry to offer our residents at dinner and that we serve up the residents’ favourite fish and chips. It’s important to our residents that we have in-house hairdressing. Christmas at Eastleigh wouldn’t be Christmas without a round of carols and the Queen’s Speech broadcast on Christmas Day. Today we went on a journey to find out what care for older people is like in other cultures.
June 28, 2019
How to Plan a Day Trip for Someone with Dementia

How to Keep the Elderly Safe in Hot Weather

When it comes to helping our residents achieve comfort in the British weather, we’re not often talking about the heat! The Great British weather is better known for causing problems for the elderly in the winter. However, at our North Devon and Somerset care homes we are often spoilt with warm sunny weather during the summer months. It’s essential that family and carers also know how to keep the elderly comfortable and safe in hot weather.