15 Quirky Fundraising Ideas for a Successful Charity Event

Charities depend on fundraising to have sufficient monies to meet their objectives. The great news is that with our quirky fundraising ideas that are all perfect for the UK, you can have a mighty good time while fundraising for a good cause. Read on to discover our 15 quirky fundraising ideas.

1. Get soapy with a car wash

At Eastleigh, we recently held a very popular car wash to raise money for Comic Relief. We charged £5 a car, ensuring an absolute bargain for staff and families looking to get their motor spruced up. It was a fun and rewarding experience for our car washers! Of course, we added in a classic fundraising bake sale too and the result was lots of money raised for a good cause.

2. Get Tough and Go Commando

Another popular Eastleigh fundraising idea is to club together with colleagues and sign up for a local commando course event while raising sponsorship for your chosen charity. Back in the autumn, and fast becoming an annual event, Eastleigh Aphas (Sarah, Lou, Holly, Felicity and Helen) broke their target to raise a whopping £340 for North Devon Hospice at Mission:Unbreakable. The day involved them tackling a tough course including facing mud, fire, water and ice!

3. Gather Forces to Get Donations

As we proved in the early days of the Ukraine invasion, many hands make light work when it comes to getting charity donations. Our convoys to the Ukraine of much needed supplies were invaluable. Another idea is to pool donations and run a good old fashioned jumble sale.

4. Who Let the Dogs Out?

Our very own Kev Colmer spent a month walking over 100km with his four-legged friends, taking sponsorship and donations for Dementia UK. One of the best quirky fundraising ideas is to walk dogs for a small donation.

5. Get Your Glad Rags On

Organise a dress-up day where everyone dresses up as their favourite character or celebrity, and collect donations for a charity. This could be done in schools, offices, or even on the streets. Of course, it’s perfect in care homes too!

6. Have a Blast at a Gaming Marathon

If an actual marathon is beyond you, there’s no need to miss out. Host a gaming marathon where participants play video games for a set number of hours, and collect donations from friends and family. You could stream the event on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. With our donated Wii and its popularity amongst residents, maybe this is perfect for our next fundraising idea!

7. Going, Going Gone!

Host a charity auction where people can bid on items donated by local businesses or individuals. This could include anything from artwork to concert tickets. Many local businesses will prove supportive and you can make a night of the event.

8. Have a Disco… Silently

Host a silent disco where participants wear wireless headphones and dance to music, with all proceeds going to a charity. You can organise external companies to provide everything needed. It’s not just for the young, but for the young at heart!

9. Answer Some Questions and Raise Some Cash

Host a charity quiz night collect donations from participants. You could even offer prizes for the winning team. You’ve also got a ready-made audience for a raffle. Quiz nights are popular community events and always draw a crowd.

10. Who’s Got Talent?

Host a talent show where people can showcase their skills and talents, and collect donations from the audience. This can be done wherever you’ve got a community group. We’re always impressed with the talents of our residents!

11. Let’s Get Knitting or Stitching

Host a knitting circle where people can come together and knit or stitch for a cause, such as making blankets for the homeless or hats for premature babies. Participants can donate a small fee to attend the event, but fundraising isn’t always just about the money raised.

12. Get in the Kitchen

Create a community cookbook featuring recipes contributed by people within a certain group or organisation, and sell copies to raise funds for a charity. This can be a fun way to showcase the diverse culinary traditions of your community.

13. Read for Funds and Grab a Bargain!

Host a book swap event where people can bring in their gently used books to exchange with others for a small donation. People love a bargain and it’s a quirky fundraising idea!

14. Creatively Fundraise

Want to know how to raise money creatively? Organise a crafty workshop where participants can learn how to make something, such as a piece of art, and then sell their creations to raise funds for a charity. This can be a fun and creative way to raise funds while also promoting sustainable living.

15. Get Your Green Fingers Out

Host a plant sale where people can buy potted plants and seedlings to support a charity. This can be a great way to promote eco-friendliness while also raising funds.

What is the Most Successful Fundraiser Ever?

You want to raise the biggest amount possible for your chosen charity, so it’s a good idea to look to the most successful fundraisers ever, like Cancer Research’s Race for Life or Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

The trick is to consider whether you want to join a big national event, or come up with your own quirky fundraising ideas.

Choose your charity and consider if they have fundraising ideas you can join. For example, find out more about fundraising for Dementia UK, the Alzheimer’s Society or Carers UK. Many charities will support you in your fundraising efforts.

With these quirky fundraising ideas you’re sure to have some fun, do things a bit differently, and raise some important cash for your chosen charity. And watch our Facebook page for updates on our latest charity endeavours!