Finding the Most Peaceful Spots in North Devon

north devon coast early evening

north devon coast early evening

The residents in our North Devon care homes are truly spoilt by the abundance of beautiful spots, as are we! We thought we’d share with you some of our favourite places where you can find peace and tranquillity.

These are the most peaceful spots in North Devon that we love:

Peaceful hidden gems in North Devon

1. Watermouth

We’ve been fortunate enough to spot dolphins in Watermouth Cove, and you can’t escape from the magical sense of peace that those sightings bring. Yes, right by the cove, in the summer, jet skis launch, but fundamentally, this is a peaceful place for watching the world go by. If you have the mobility to get to Broadsands Beach, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel as though you’re floating through a child’s story book.

2.Ash Bridge, near Watersmeet

A short and easy ½ mile walk from Watersmeet House is Ash Bridge where there is a beautiful picnic spot. You’re surrounded by ancient woodlands here and can listen to the water splashing nearby.

3.Wistlandpound reservoir

There are lots of accessible paths at Wistlandpound Reservoir, which can be found on the edge of Exmoor, not far from Exmoor Zoo. It’s the abundance of wildlife here which makes it so peaceful. There are plenty of opportunities to watch birds, such as waterfowl, and simply enjoy the great outdoors. Two of the paths are wheelchair-friendly and go the full way around the reservoir.

4.Heddon Valley

At Heddon Valley, you can stay close to the National Trust car park and still be very close to the river. At the car park there’s an ice cream stall, which is so wonderful for a peaceful treat on a warm day. Alternatively, there’s a wheelchair-friendly walk down to Heddon’s Mouth. If you pop into the National Trust shop, they have all-terrain mobility scooters to hire too.

5.Malmsmead and the Doone Valley

Nestling right on the border with Somerset is the picturesque hamlet of Malmsmead. Right in the heart of Exmoor, this is a spot away from touristy Lynton and Lynmouth. It’s a perfect place for a quiet cup of tea and a delicious treat in the tea rooms before a little stroll over the bridge. It is a wonderful place to kill some time and feel right with the world.

6.Eldern Point, Hartland

This is National Trust land near Hartland Point. It can be blustery but what we love about it is that, with a pair of binoculars, you can sometimes spot peregrine falcons. It’s also not unusual to spot seals here. We find that looking out over the sea does wonders for the soul!

7.Wilsham, near Countisbury

Another National Trust spot which is idyllic, yet you can actually enjoy it from the comfort of your car, is Wilsham. Staying in the car you can still delight in watching the Exmoor ponies enjoying their daily life against a spectacular vista. Very occasionally you may even spot a red deer. This is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the peaceful North Devon countryside with elderly relatives who are much less mobile. Pack up a thermos of tea and a packet of biscuits and spend an enjoyable hour or two here.

8. Dartmoor National Park

There are too many places for us to list in Dartmoor NP but we find it such an atmospheric place for washing away all the stresses and strains of daily life. There are plenty of places to simply pull up and enjoy the view, or enjoy a short stroll.

9. Barricane Beach

You can access Barricane Beach by ambling over the grassy stretch on Mortehoe Road and this gives you a much quieter beach experience than nearby busier Woolcombe. It’s a wonderful spot for picking up unusual shells, and a visit in the evening is worth it for the incredible sunsets you often witness here.

10. St Mary Magdalene Church, South Molton

The imposing medieval St Mary Magdalene Church in South Molton, outside of lockdown times, is an enjoyable and reflective space to spend some time in quiet contemplation.  There are 12 Green Man carvings to find here, and mindfully exploring the building can feel very peaceful, whether or not you are a church-goer.

Many of these places can be enjoyed by our residents with their loved ones, and make for a great opportunity to get out and about.

North Devon has an abundant selection of beautiful and peaceful places to enjoy and explore. We hope you enjoy spending time in these places as much as we do. Where are your favourite, peaceful North Devon locations?