How to find a Care Home in North Devon

When considering care homes in North Devon you’ll be faced with a wide range of options. Devon stands out from much of the country for having a disproportionately large number of elderly residents. The result is that there is a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a care home. But how do you know you are picking the right one?

Here we explore what you should look for when choosing care homes in North Devon.

A home, not an institution

It’s vital to remember, especially when choosing a North Devon care home on behalf of a loved one, that this will be their new home. This seems obvious to say, but it is easily overlooked as you consider which level of care your loved one needs.

Whilst it is vital to consider whether they need residential, nursing or specialist dementia care, it should always have a homely, welcoming and comfortable feel. It should feel like home.

The types of care home

Typically, care homes are divided by the type of care they provide. Mostly this falls into three levels of support:

  1. Assisted living, or sheltered accommodation: The residents live independently but benefit from onsite management and potentially access to a larger residential home.
  2. Residential care: A residential home provides a high level of round the clock care, including meals and housekeeping, but doesn’t offer nursing.
  3. Nursing care: Nursing care offers the same as residential care with the added element of nursing care to meet greater care needs.

In addition to these types of home you can also find specialist dementia care homes such as our Raleigh Mead home.

Understanding the types of care home available is often the first hurdle. As you can imagine, it is not unusual to consider that whilst sheltered accommodation or residential care may be appropriate now, more complex nursing care may be needed in the future. For family members wishing to ensure their elderly relative doesn’t have to make more than one move, this can be a valid concern.

For this reason, we recommend you choose a care home provider who offers the full spectrum of care within their homes. At Eastleigh care homes in North Devon, we have a full range of care levels available within our homes.

The individual home

Next you need to consider individual homes. A good starting point is finding out which homes within the area you are considering have vacancies or realistic waiting lists. You can do this by simply calling the homes.

This will help you formulate a short list. From here we recommend you spend some time looking at the brochure for each home. You can download our brochures at the following locations: Minehead, Raleigh Mead, East Street, and Rossiter House.

Reading the brochure will give you some indication as to whether the character of a particular home meets the needs and wishes of your loved one.

You can also use the brochure in conjunction with information from the Care Quality Commission website. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) assesses all care homes in Britain and rates them accordingly in addition to providing a report. You should choose a home rated Good or Outstanding.

Visiting a home

Having shortened your list further using the strategy above, you can now visit a handful of homes. Visiting a home gives you more tangible insight into what life within the home is really like. This is also your opportunity to ask questions. You should feel comfortable to write these down if you need to.

When looking around the home, don’t simply look at the facilities and environs. Whilst these are, of course, important, you should also aim to look a little more closely. Chat to the staff, ideally a few different ones, and watch how they interact with residents.

You may wish to ask specifics regarding the care needs of your relative. Food and activities may be a high priority to you. Ask about policies concerning visitors.

A visit is also a good time to get clarification concerning fees. You should also find that the care home staff are good at pointing you in the right direction for understanding the financial support available.

Eastleigh care homes in North Devon

In South Molton, North Devon, we have a number of care homes all situated near to each other. The three homes are Raleigh Mead, East Street and Rossiter. By being close by, we are able to offer all levels of elder care benefiting from a wide range of facilities and support.

Rossiter is our sheltered accommodation which enables the individual resident to retain independence for as long as possible. Within its own Georgian home, residents are accessible to the main East Street home where they may eat and socialise if they wish. Residents have their own flat which includes a kitchen and living area.

Our main residential home is at East Street. East Street offers a residential setting with exquisite facilities and levels of comfort. East Street is a friendly and relaxed home with a broad range of activities and facilities on offer. We are also able to offer dedicated dementia care here.

Raleigh Mead is rated Outstanding by the CQC and is Eastleigh’s South Molton nursing and dementia care home. We have pioneered a number of practices at Raleigh Mead and are proud to be able to offer exceptional care in a nurturing and home-like environment. At Raleigh Mead we combine cutting edge research in elements such as lighting and furniture design, with beneficial therapies such as reminiscence therapy, to ensure your loved one feels secure and relaxed.

Choosing care homes in North Devon

Choosing a care home needn’t be bewildering, but you do need to do a little research. Once you begin the journey you will soon discover which homes you would feel happy to live in and can therefore make a confident decision for your loved one. Browse our care homes in North Devon. Give us a call on 01769 573166 to arrange a visit.