Care Home Connections – Apply for a free Alexa device to keep in contact with your loved ones

Care Home Connections is a new initiative to connect care home residents with their loved ones, whenever they want. We want to enable as many residents and relatives as possible to have treasured moments together at a time when physical visits have been stopped or significantly reduced.
“Care Home Friends  have spoken to relatives of care home residents about the distress and huge impact on well-being of not being able to have meaningful contact with their loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. Care home staff have tried their best in extremely challenging circumstances to help residents stay connected through video calls etc., but we know that video calls can bring various challenges for residents, relatives and care home staff.

There is an alternative option that, once set up, requires minimal help from staff and enables residents and their loved ones to connect whenever they want, using voice enabled assistive technology. Perhaps the best known of these is “Alexa”.

Using this technology, relatives and friends  can “drop in” on residents virtually and create treasured moments. Voice calls can be less intrusive than video, and less confusing for residents who may find video technology too much, but understand the concept of a phone call. Plus it uses less bandwidth on the wifi.

We know that no technology can replace the experience of face-to-face visits. However, we have seen that this voice enabled assistive technology can work “incredibly well” as a way to communicate and connect with care home residents until family and friends are able to visit them in person as frequently as they wish. ​”

To apply for a free device, please click on the following link: https://www.carehomefriends.org.uk/alexa.html#Apply