The Best Gifts for a Relative in a Care Home

Whether it is because Christmas is just around the corner, or because there’s a birthday coming up, or you simply want to show you care, you may struggle to think of gifts for a relative in a care home. Here are our favourite suggestions for gifts which will be appreciated by those in a care home.

  1. Digital Photo Frame

Photos are wonderful gifts for those in a care home. However, room to display them all can be difficult. Therefore a digital photo frame is an excellent solution.


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  1. Slippers

Slippers make a lovely gift for anyone during the winter months. In a care home, they may be particularly appreciated as they tend to be worn more often.

  1. Cushions

Many care homes will allow residents to bring favourite items of furniture and ornaments, but space will be limited compared to the individual’s previous home. We’ve seen residents absolutely delighted by receiving a cushion made from a favourite fabric, or even an item of clothing which belonged to a loved one.


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  1. Luxury and favourite toiletries

Feeling pampered is an indulgent and soothing experience for everyone. Let your loved one feel cared for with their favourite or luxury toiletries.


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  1. Tickets for a show or experience

Sometimes the best gift is one of time. Take your relative out from the care home with tickets to a show, performance or experience that you know they’ll appreciate.


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  1. Essential oil diffuser

Aromas have immense power. With the right scent, we can feel invigorated, comforted or indulged. However, scent also has the power to unlock memories. This means that, if chosen carefully, a certain scent through an essential oil diffuser will remind them of home.


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  1. Mobility aids

Many gift givers avoid items which they feel underline what a relative ‘can’t do’. However, in our experience, residents benefit immensely from aids and tools which they may be reluctant to invest in themselves, or will make do with a more basic version. Therefore, mobility aids such a rollator can be well-received.


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  1. Helpful tools

By the same token, various handy tools can also be well received. From a simple magnifying glass through to a sock aid, such tools are usually highly appreciated and can help an individual retain some degree of independence.

  1. E-reader

An e-reader is a valued gift for many elderly people because it allows them to read any book of their choice while magnifying the font and without struggling with a cumbersome book.

  1. Audiobooks

Alternatively, audiobooks and audiobook subscriptions can be a way for those who are struggling to read to still enjoy their favourite books. They are also often enjoyed much like a radio, as an individual drops off to sleep.

  1. Clothing

For residents, the gift of clothes is often much appreciated because it can be difficult or impossible for them to do their own browsing and shopping. Comfy cardigans, new trousers or shirts, and even socks, can be gifts which bring a smile.

  1. Games and puzzles

When you are limited by age in terms of what you can do, table-top and handheld puzzles and games provide something to challenge the mind and keep you busy. They therefore make ideal gifts.


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  1. Favourite treats

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift of their favourite chocolate or morning sunshine in a jar of luxurious homemade marmalade? Think of your loved one’s favourite treats and wrap them up!

  1. A cosy blanket

Another gift which helps a loved one in a care home to feel their space is personalised and makes them feel cared for, is a comfortable and warm blanket.

  1. A DVD

Lastly, if your relative has access to a DVD player then buy them a DVD of their favourite film or TV series. Being able to watch a familiar show or film can help them to feel good and entertained when you’re not there.


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Don’t feel stumped on what to buy for a relative in a care home. Choose one of our suggestions above. Also, don’t forget that the best gift you can give is your time. So pop in for a visit, share a meal together, or take your loved one out, if you can.