Benefits of Care Homes

We don’t often realise that care homes bring with them immense and diverse benefits. Fear that the disadvantages of care homes outweigh the benefits usually rest on the inconsistency of care between different homes. At Eastleigh, we are focused on maximising the many and varied benefits of care homes at all of our nursing homes in North Devon.

The Benefits of Eastleigh Care Homes

  • Time: For families with time-poor lives, and elderly individuals needing time, we can ensure that your loved one gets the time they need. In turn, this impacts on the quality of the time you spend with your loved one knowing that there needn’t be other demands vying for your attention. At Eastleigh, we consider it a privilege to spend time sharing memories.
  • Exceptional Diet and Nutrition: We find that many elderly people struggle to enjoy a delicious yet nutritious diet regularly. At Eastleigh, we ensure exceptional menus. You can see our care homes sample menu here.
  • Practical Housekeeping: A benefit to care homes is that all the housekeeping is taken care of, there’s nothing for the elderly person or the family to do.
  • Personalised and Appropriate care: Under the same Eastleigh umbrella are a spectrum of care homes including dementia care, residential care and nursing care. Transitioning from one to another is simple. We can also offer important reminiscence therapy. Our care is offered in a home setting but with a strong focus on individuality. We ensure both you and your loved one feel involved in their care plan.
  • Impartiality and Space: Many of the problems arising in elderly care within the family arise because of tensions in changing relationships brought on by age. While we care greatly about each and every resident, we do not feel the emotional burden that many family members can feel. By allowing us to take over their care needs, this allows space in the relationship between you once more. Space that helps put the relationship back on a positive footing.
  • Energy and Consistency: Caring for someone can be hard, especially when it’s a loved one. By using a care home, you can be sure that your loved one is always cared for with energy, reliability and consistency. Our staff are highly trained, well rested, engaged and compassionate. Care delivered through a home can deliver this level of care provision more reliably than in the home.
  • Safety: All of our care homes are planned to provide 24/7 care and support as required. From supervision with medication to company in the middle of the night, your loved one’s physical and psychological safety is our concern.
  • Outstanding Resources: At Eastleigh, we invest in our resources provision to ensure we bring our residents the very best available care. By living in a care home, residents can benefit from resources that would otherwise be unavailable or hard to access such as specialised furniture, access to on-site hairdressing, and engaging activities programmes.
  • Family Support: We know that behind every resident is a family in need of support too. By allowing us to care for your family member, we are also on hand to support you through their elderly years. Knowing that you have experienced professionals on hand can provide reassurance and confidence over time.
  • Companionship: Again, with busy lives, we understand that it is often a struggle to ensure your family member gets the level of companionship that they need and desire. Our residents are actively engaged with one another as well as staff in a convivial home-from-home environment.
  • Simpler Finances: In our experience, managing the financial responsibilities of an elderly loved one can impose enormous strain on both the individual and the relationship. At Eastleigh, our fees are clear and transparent with no ‘hidden extras’. You won’t need to worry about utility bills or worrying scams.

To see for yourself the wide-ranging benefits of care homes in our North Devon nursing homes, call us on 01769 573 166. We’d love to show you around so that you can see why care delivered in a care home is beneficial to both you and your family member.