January 16, 2018
elderly man with dementia

What to keep in mind when an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with dementia

What to keep in mind when an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with dementia To some, the news that a loved one has dementia does not necessarily come as a shock. After all, the diagnosis was likely spurred on by the suspicion that they were afflicted. But that in no way means they are prepared for the consequences of such a situation. Once the initial upset has been overcome they’ll find that life must go on, and that applies to their loved one too.
January 9, 2018
old person moving into a care home

What preparation is required for your move to a care home?

What Preparation Is Required For Your Move To A Care Home? It can be a trying time for all involved when a loved one finds themselves moving into a care home. Confusion, disorientation and isolation can easily take hold, especially among those contending with a mental affliction such as dementia. Fortunately there are several methods available for easing the transition. Moving day The day of the move to their new address should be as undisruptive as possible, so if you can, try to do it at a time that will least likely interfere with their routine. Give them some guarantees by providing them with a solid timeframe and ‘reward’ for when the entire transition will be over. For example, if […]
December 19, 2017
Assisted Living in Devon and Somerset

Why should you consider assisted living for your loved one?

Why Should You Consider Assisted Living For Your Loved One? Daily chores can become increasingly difficult as the years creep up on us. Some of the routines we take for granted such as cooking, cleaning and even getting dressed can seem like mountainous tasks. Just because peeling potatoes or reaching for the top shelf are no longer possible, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want or need someone with us 24/7.
December 15, 2017
Dementia Care in Devon and Somerset

How many types of dementia are there?

How many types of dementia are there? The word ‘dementia’ is really just a blanket term covering a range of illnesses which can affect brain functions such as memory, thinking, language, and even mood and behaviour. Often accompanied by depression, symptoms depend on the type of dementia the sufferer has, which is usually the consequence of brain damage by a disease such as Alzheimer’s, but can also result from a series of strokes. Due to the variegated nature of the condition, it can be difficult to articulate briefly how many types of dementia exist, with many people even suffering from a combination of more than one mental health affliction. In order to help gain a better understanding of it though, […]
November 28, 2017
Why is specialist dementia treatment more effective?

Why is specialist dementia treatment more effective?

Why Is Specialist Dementia Treatment More Effective? If you have been caring for an elderly relative with dementia then you will be painfully aware of how challenging it can be. One moment they are familiar and compassionate people, the next they can seem alien and aggressive. Even when they are at their most uncooperative it is important to continue treating them with respect and dignity, not just as a matter of tolerance of their condition, but as an acceptance of their needs as people. Such highs and lows can be difficult to manage, so it is vitally important that they receive care from those who are expert at handling such situations. 
November 28, 2017
What Are The Best Types Of Indoor Activities For Seniors?

What are the Best Types of Indoor Activities for Seniors?

We can go to great lengths to ensure our elderly loved ones receive the very best care they need. Heaps of research can be undertaken in selecting the most appropriate home, special attention heeded upon their comfort needs and even exceptional dietary requirements taken into consideration. Then, after devoting all that effort to their wellbeing, why would we want to just sit them in front of a TV and let them mentally deteriorate as the result of a passive, sedentary life?
October 19, 2017
Most Suitable Clothing In A Nursing Home

What is the Most Suitable Clothing for Your Relative in a Nursing Home?

What is the Most Suitable Clothing for Your Relative in a Nursing Home? Once the arrangements are made, and plans are underway to move your relative in to a nursing home, your mind can turn to packing. One of the most frequent questions we get at this stage is ‘what are the most suitable clothes for elderly in nursing homes?’ It’s not a question you’ve likely thought about before, so what are the problems, and how are clothing choices affected?
October 11, 2017
Find A Care Home Near You In Devon Or Somerset

How to Find a Care Home near You in Devon or Somerset

How to Find a Care Home near You in Devon or Somerset When it comes to how to find a care home, the prospect can be daunting. Yet when you find a care home which suits the needs, and desires, of your loved one the relief is huge. You should be able to feel reassured that you’re not ‘making do’ or compromising when it comes to the care that your family member receives. However, most individuals face the question of how to find a care home without any experience, and often not knowing where to turn. This post will help you understand what you need to know to find a care home near you.