Booking a visit or video call at Eastleigh Care Homes


If you would like to book a visit please fill out all the required fields.
Visitors Protocol Amended 01/03/2022

At Eastleigh Care Home Group, we have developed a protocol for all visitors to follow to allow us to provide a Covid safe environment for you and our residents during your visits to the home. If you would like to visit Eastleigh Care Homes or services, we ask that you follow the instructions below.
o Please can you access the online visit booking system to secure a physical or virtual visiting session with the home, you will need an appointment to attend
o If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the home and ask to speak to the receptionist between the hours of 10am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday who will book an appointment for you
o Physical and virtual visiting will be in operation Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm
o There are obviously exceptions to these times, and this will need to be agreed by the Registered Manager depending on the circumstances and will be very limited and discretionary
o Visitors who arrive without an appointment will not be permitted to visit and will regrettably be asked to leave
o The booking slot is time specific; this will allow us to follow all procedures between visits such as cleaning the area before the next visitor arrives and completing LFD tests
o Each resident will be allowed up to two visitors at any one time and one visit per day to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to have visitors
o We are still unable to provide refreshments at this moment in time and you are unable to bring refreshments with you for the visit
o If you are bringing belongings for your loved one, we ask that you hand it to a member of staff, to allow them to cleanse the items before they are shared with your loved one. Please do not share drinks with your relative during the visit or pass items between you. Please keep your visit to a social interaction only
o If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle until your appointment. If you are late, you will only be given the time left for the appointment for that slot.
o Please come to the entrance on arrival and wait to be greeted
o You will either be asked to show your personal negative lateral flow test result for that day or asked to complete one before admission can be granted
o Please always maintain social distancing for the interactions with our team
o When visiting please do not leave the residents room except when being escorted by a member of staff at the closure of your visit or for an emergency. We ask you to always respect this.
o Our team will provide you with a call bell to alert for assistance during your visit
o Please limit what is being brought into the home by leaving any coats or bags in your car
o The Home reserves the right to decline your visit for justifiable reasons
o You may contact the home on a day-to-day basis to see if there any slots left – like a ‘last minute appointment’

For the visit to take place you will need to answer no to the following questions
o Are you aware of any contact (in the last 10 days) with anyone with Covid19 symptoms or someone with confirmed Covid 19?
o Have you noticed a loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell?
o Have you had a recent onset of a new cough?
o Have you been advised to self-isolate by NHS track and trace?
o Has anyone in your household tested positive in the last 10 days?
o Have you returned from an overseas visit recently?

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we know how difficult this is during this pandemic

Please be assured that our protocol is designed to maintain the safety of those within our care and those who work with us.

Please help us to keep everyone as safe as we can!