The 10 Best Reclining Chairs for the Elderly

As we age, comfort and relaxation become even more cherished aspects of our daily lives. Reclining chairs offer a perfect blend of both, providing a haven of support and ease for the elderly. Many elderly people spend many hours a day in their favourite chair, so it’s important that it meets all of their needs for comfort, support and stability when sitting and standing. 

So, here we list ten specially selected reclining chairs for the elderly that cater to the unique needs of these individuals, whether they live at home or in a care home. From plush padding to ergonomic design, these chairs are designed to enhance the wellbeing and comfort of our loved ones. 

  1. Memphis Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair 

The Memphis Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair often stands out as the ultimate choice for elderly individuals seeking comfort and independence. Crafted with soft-to-touch upholstery and a memory foam seat, it ensures unmatched comfort and support. Designed for ease of use, the hand control empowers users to adjust the leg rest and reclining backrest independently. Its modern, stylish design and a range of colour options make it a seamless fit for any environment, meaning when you think of reclining chairs for the elderly, this is probably the one you’re picturing! 

Image source: manageathome

2. LC101 Single Motor Rise & Recline Chair 

Affordable and functional, the LC101 Single Motor Rise and Recline Chair is great for practicality and stands out as one of the most affordable options. Its 3-position lift mechanism enhances independence and confidence by facilitating safe and smooth transitions between sitting and standing. This budget-friendly option doesn't compromise on comfort, ensuring a pleasant seating experience. Its design is unobtrusive. 

Image source: lifeandmobility

3. Drive Lars Dual Motor Leather Rise & Recline Chair 

The Drive Lars Dual Motor Leather Rise and Recline Chair is an excellent choice for those seeking a leather riser recliner. It provides independent and secure sitting and standing for those with reduced mobility. A four-button remote ensures effortless chair adjustment, while the smooth, quiet motor is ideal for home use. With a well-crafted design, the chair offers exceptional comfort and various colour options. 

Image Source: drivedevilbiss

4. Configura Comfort Riser Recliner Armchair 

Not a cheap chair, but the Configura Comfort Riser Recliner Armchair, available in three sizes, is a dual-motor tilt-in-space chair, ideal for safe sitting and standing assistance. What sets it apart is its compatibility with various transfer aids. The backrest recline design minimises the risk of slipping during recline adjustment. It caters to individuals requiring mobility aid, pressure damage prevention, or who need additional postural support.  

Image Source: accora.care

5. Chicago Electric Riser Recliner Chair 

The Chicago Electric Riser Recliner Chair stands out as one of the best looking and stylish reclining chairs for the elderly. This chair features a distinct lift, rest, and recline action, ensuring a supremely comfortable snooze position. Operated by a smooth and discreet single motor, it effortlessly lifts users to their feet with the touch of an easy-to-use two-button handset. Crafted with a stylish design, soft upholstery, and built-in storage pocket, it seamlessly complements someone’s living space. 

Image Source: manageathome

6. Weymouth Rise and Recline Chair 

Revolutionary technology combines with modern aesthetics in the Weymouth by VivaLift. It’s got a single motor mechanism, and a simple button touch facilitates full recline. For added flexibility, the dual-motor mechanism allows independent adjustment of the chair's back and footrest, helping the sitter discover their perfect seating position. The Weymouth offers infinite, lay-flat positioning for ultimate relaxation. The dual motor option also comes with powered headrest and lumbar support options to suit your preferences. 

Image Source: pride-mobility

7. Nevada Dual Motor Antimicrobial PVC Rise and Recliner Chair 

For a blend of comfort and hygiene, the Nevada Dual Motor Rise and Recline Chair shines. Upholstered in top-grade antimicrobial PVC, it not only enhances cleanliness but also minimises infection risk, particularly important for elderly individuals with continence issues. The dual motors offer independent control, allowing adjustment of the leg rest and backrest for maximum comfort. This is a great choice for both well-being and cleanliness. 

Image Source: completecareshop

8. Hainworth Dual Motor rise and recliner chair with heat and massage 

This chair is popular because it helps ease aches and pains, as well as offers a recliner function and helps rise the sitter to standing. There’s a heat pad in the lower backrest and it has an eight point massage function.  It’s both quiet and smooth, and has a handy side pocket. It comes in a great selection of colours too.  

Image Source: fenneticwellbeing

9. Willowbrook The Venice Waterfall Back Riser Recliner 

We love the stylish design of this chair. It’s undoubtedly one of the best reclining chairs for the elderly, but it looks fantastic too. It’s even available with a matching sofa. It has excellent orthopaedic design, with plush comfortable cushioning. It’s an incredibly comfortable chair. 

Image Source: willowbrook

10. Grosvenor Mobility Bloomsbury Riser Recliner Chair 

This is a made to measure chair. Typically, chairs come in standard sizes. The problem with this is that if you’re not a standard size then ergonomically the chair won’t be the most comfortable option for you. This chair is both stylish and tailored for the individual.  

Image Source: grosvenormobility

The Importance of Managing Mobility

When considering reclining chairs for the elderly, comfort whilst sat in the chair is, of course, of utmost importance. However, it’s vital to also consider the individual’s mobility. The chair design should help to support mobility, even though it is for sitting. 

This means that a reclining chair should make it as easy as possible for an elderly individual with reduced mobility to get up and down, as well as move within the chair. Movement is vital to avoid pressure sores and to ensure interest and engagement in life. Choose a reclining chair that works with any mobility aids, and which helps support the individual as they sit and stand. 

Furthermore, while elderly individuals may spend a great deal of time seated, this doesn’t mean zero mobility. We highly recommend gentle exercise in the chair. Check out our Top 10 Effective Chair Exercises for the Elderly

Eastleigh for Comfort and Expertise

At Eastleigh Care Homes, we are proud of our home from home furnishings and atmosphere. However, we’ve also included intelligent furniture design. In fact, we’ve taken care to select dementia-friendly furnishings, including chairs.  

Choose reclining chairs for the elderly that meet their individual needs for comfort, ergonomics, support and mobility.