Thankyou to all at Eastleigh

“Thankyou all so much for everything that you did for Jimmy, my mother, during the eight years that she stayed with you at Eastleigh.

In some ways they were among the happiest times of her life as she was waited on hand and foot, greatly cared for, enjoyed her time with arts and craft, her outings, copious cups of tea and had so many friends – other residents and all the care givers.

All of you go the second mile with your residents and to have enabled mum to visit her sister Bunty in the 100th year was a classic example of that extra care. We feel supremely lucky that we found Eastleigh and mum found a second home.

I also personally appreciated you welcome and acceptance of me for the lengthy times that i spent in the link and living room. I feel I too made friends and in many ways will miss you all. It is the end of an era and while I am sad that Mum has passed away, I am deeply relieved that she has gone as her ability to have any quality of life was rapidly disappearing.

I have tried to think of something that i could do to thank you all, but in the end i am reduced to biscuits and chocolates especially because it is an impossibility to get you all together at one time given your shifts. Jimmy would have loved a party.

So please enjoy and make sure that all shifts get their due deserts, and don’t forget those who are on holiday or a 2 day break.

Thank you again.

Anne (Jimmy’s daughter from Canada)”