Shrewsbury Town Football Club make Frank’s day⚽

When moving into a care home, some people can find it a real shock to the system. Our AMAZING team go above and beyond to make sure that all our residents settle in.

Frank moved into Eastleigh Care Homes a couple months ago. And then Covid -19 hit which restricted what Frank could do with his time. However our team took the time to get to know Frank. They found out that he is a lifelong Shrewsbury Town Football club fan, and enjoys nothing more than watching their games and finding out who scored.

Our dedicated team went above and beyond, even managing to contact Shrewsbury Town Football Club who very kindly offered to donate a signed shirt and cap to their lifelong fan Frank.

As you can see from the photo, Frank was ecstatic to receive the gift. And is hoping the mighty Shrews can win their next game.