Rate of pay:£20.94per hour.

Skills, Knowledge & Qualifications

Hold relevant nursing qualification
-Genuine interest in working within a caring environment
-Ability to communicate appropriately, effectively and sensitively with staff, Clients and relatives and understand the importance of accurate and timely communication within the health care environment
-Ability to work under instruction and within a team
-Demonstrate leadership qualities to manage a team
-Satisfactory police check and check against ISA list (where applicable)

 Nature of job role
To achieve the highest standard of physical, social, emotional, psychological and nursing care needs for our Clients
-Work under the supervision of the Registered Manager and as a team member participates in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care within the boundaries of their role.
-Demonstrate ability to take charge in the absence of a Registered Manager
-Promote professional, clinical and administrative arrangements, training and care planning within the home
-Provide care to a group of Clients in accordance with CQC guidelines, NMC, code of professional conduct and company policies and procedures

Key Responsibilities

Administer any medication as prescribed, ensuring proper monitoring of the drug, dose, time, route and person to whom it is given. To ensure the medication is properly taken, and to monitor for any normal, positive or negative effects of that drug
-Demonstrate knowledge of and the use of any equipment within the Home
-Be knowledgeable regarding emergency procedures pertaining to our client group
-Assess and respond to the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental needs of the client and their families
-Liaise with clients, staff, GPs and other multi-disciplinary team members to promote good care
-Monitors care and re-assess as appropriate highlighting gaps in care provision
-Updates, promotes and facilitates new ways of working as they develop and evolve, e.g. care pathways, nursing interventions and practice
-Plans evidence based care in conjunction with the care team and the multi-disciplinary team as appropriate
-Provide care for Clients who are dying or who have a progressive illness
-Ensure that full privacy and dignity is maintained for the dying and bereaved, in line with Company’s policies / procedures
-Ensure that a death of a resident is managed in the most appropriate and sensitive manner.  Manage the communication to all required individuals/groups
-Undertakes activities based on a holistic assessment and prepares the environment taking into account the privacy and dignity of the individual
-Monitor clients’ hygiene and self-care
-Promote the health and empowerment of the Clients
-Ensures accurate, timely and detailed communication with the multi-disciplinary team when identified

Ensure all goods and equipment to be used within the current shift and beyond are available
-Investigate complaints, and follow procedures for their resolution.
-Ensures close liaison and excellent working relationships with the team
-Actively participates in staff meetings
-Demonstrate awareness of all the procedures of the Home
-Comply with the Registered Homes Act 1984 as in the local authority guidelines which are available for reference purposes in the Home
-Maintain proper and accurate records regarding the clients and other Home information
-Be knowledgeable regarding the whereabouts of all clients at all times
-Bring to the attention of the management any repairs and renewals of fitments and fittings
-Resolve problems arising in the Home, if possible and, where problems persist, to refer to the proprietor
-Records, reviews and discusses treatment outcomes with Clients, families and members of the team and multi-disciplinary team
-Participate in the education and supervision of the team, including all staff within the home
-Prioritises workload and uses resources effectively
-Ensure stock levels are maintained
-Communicate effectively with clients, visitors, colleagues and the multidisciplinary team

Health and Safety
Report immediately to the Registered Manager or Senior person any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a client, colleague, self or another
-Understand, and ensure implementation of, Eastleigh Care Homes Health and Safety policy, Emergency and Fire procedures
-Ensure and faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or potential hazard are reviewed in line with Company policies and procedures
-Promote safe working practice within the home
-Take responsibility for identifying signs of risk
-Initiates and communicates the requirement for protective measures

Training and Development
Maintain professional knowledge and competence
-Participate in first aid training as required
-Attend mandatory training days/courses, on or off site, as and when required
-Undertake training identified at appraisal
-Participate in the ongoing development, implementation and monitoring of the care plans

Promotes and contributes to the development of a culture that is open to change, innovation and quality improvement
-Develops, maintains and promotes an understanding of ongoing developments/changes within Eastleigh Care Homes and the service provision
-Promote and ensure the good reputation of Eastleigh Care Homes
-Ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not divulged to third parties.  Respect confidential information obtained in the course of professional practice, refraining from disclosing such information without the consent of the client, or a person entitled to act on his/her behalf, except where disclosure is required by law or by the order of a Court or is necessary in the public interest
-Ensure that the security of Eastleigh Care Homes is maintained at all times -Ensure that all equipment is clean and well maintained
-Notify the Registered Manager, or Senior person, as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty, and also on your return from all periods of absence
-Wear uniform as agreed with Eastleigh Care Homes
-Maintain personal standards of hygiene and promote universal precautions to limit cross infection
-Refer to the Registered Manager any situation which is not within your current responsibility
-Adhere to all Company policies / procedures within the defined timescales

£19.09per hour.

If required to work as part of the night duty team, providing wakeful cover of the Home. It is a dismissible offence to be found asleep on duty.

The post holder must devote their whole time and attention to such duties.

This job description is designed to identify the principle responsibilities of the post only, and is subject to review in the light of the changing needs of the business. It is not intended as an exhaustive list.  The post holder is required to be flexible in developing the role of RGN to respond to new and changing demands.