Registered Manager for Care Home in West Somerset

We are currently looking to recruit a Registered manager into our Minehead home in Somerset.

Salary: £55,000 per year(Depending on experience)

Benefits of this position include continuous learning and training, a pension scheme,  internal progression and opportunity to take part in regular team socials. If you are interested in finding out more about the role or to apply for the role please visit our Job Vacancies page.

Skills, Knowledge & Qualifications

 Genuine interest in working within a caring environment
 Ability to communicate appropriately, effectively and sensitively with staff, the multi-disciplinary team,
Clients and relatives and understand the importance of accurate and timely communication within the
health care environment
 Ability to work under instruction and within a team
 Satisfactory police check and check against ISA list (where applicable)


 Hold relevant nursing qualification / RMA level 4

Nature of job role
 The post holder is accountable for the operational and clinical management and leadership of the
care services within Eastleigh Care Homes, Raleigh Mead, South Molton
 The post holder is accountable for promoting the Care Home at every opportunity and responding
promptly to all bed enquiries if passed to them
 You will respond to all referrals within agreed time scales
 Liaise with potential residents, their families and friends and fellow professional from both Health and
Social Services and to perform extensive pre admission assessments to ensure that the residents
are, indeed, appropriate to our care provision and that we have the necessary expertise and
resources to care for them
 Liaising with the area team regarding creating and updating a waiting list; ensuring that beds which
become vacant are re allocated in a timely fashion and that all relevant information is reported to the
administration department in HQ
 In the home you will work collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team to achieve continuity of care
and lead the development of nursing practice within the home to achieve the highest standard of
physical, social, emotional, psychological and nursing care needs for our Clients
 Promote professional, clinical and administrative arrangements, training and care planning within the
 Provide care to a group of Clients in accordance with NMC, code of professional conduct and
Company policies and procedures
 Ensure that the home complies with the National Care Standards Act 2000 and meets the
requirements of CQC
 Monitor the standard of cleanliness within the home and liaise with hotel services to ensure that any
shortcomings are addressed in a timely manner
 Monitor the standard and quality of the catering provided within the home, ensuring that it meets the
overall and individual nutritional requirements
Main Responsibilities
 Set, monitor and maintain excellent standards of nursing care (in liaison with clinical lead staff if
manager is non-clinical)
 To lead and develop innovative practice
 Act as a senior practitioner and be a source of advice for all staff
 Manage the development, implementation and evaluation of new and existing practices and policies
 Ensure that clinical areas deliver care which is underpinned by evidence based practice
 Monitor to ensure that accurate resident documentation is consistently recorded
 Ensure that the death of a resident is dealt with in a compassionate and empathic manner
 Promote and facilitate the development of high quality clinical practice
 To oversee maintenance of individual residents’ care plans, ensure care is delivered as planned and
that all staff accurately record care delivered
 Monitor and assess dependency levels and notify management of any changes
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 Ensures that the nutritional requirements of clients are incorporated in the kitchen menus
 Ensures accurate, timely and detailed communication with the multi-disciplinary team when identified
 Ensure compliance with safeguarding, deprivation of liberty and mental capacity frameworks and
 Monitor bed occupancy/dependency levels and report to Director where necessary
 Investigate complaints, and follow procedures for their resolution
 Ensures close liaison and excellent working relationships with the team
 Demonstrate awareness of all the procedures of the Home
 Comply with the Registered Homes Act (Amended) 1991 identified in the local authority guidelines
which are available for reference purposes in the Home
 Ensure that proper and accurate records regarding the residents and other home information are
maintained at all times
 Bring to the attention of the Managing Director any repairs and renewals of fitments and fittings
 Resolve problems arising in the home, if possible and where problems persist to refer to the
Managing Director
 Overall responsibility for the education and supervision of the team, including all staff within the
 Takes overall responsibility for the maintenance of correct staffing levels and that the skill mix is
correct for each shift
 Overall responsibility in the recruitment, selection and retention of staff – liaising with the HR team
 Prioritises workload and uses resources effectively
 Overall responsibility for staff performance management, absence management and training. Where
appropriate to manage capability or disciplinary reviews of staff
 Ensure completion of the teams appraisals / clinical supervisions in line with company guidelines
 Ensure compliance with Mandatory/Statutory training requirements and risk assessments of all
members of the team
 Completion of Clinical Supervisions, for all staff, as identified by CQC
 Overall responsibility for training of staff and ensuring it is identified in a timely manner, programmed
and completed in liaison with the HR team
 Responsible for maintenance of accurate staff records
 Oversee clinical and non-clinical stock control and ensure compliance with budgetary constraints,
where applicable
 Allocate and monitor staff annual leave to ensure staffing levels can be maintained and staff have
access to leave
 Ensures accurate, timely and detailed communication with the multi-disciplinary team when identified
 Ensure accurate and timely communication with head office regarding clients and staff
Health and Safety
1. Report immediately to the Diretor any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a client,
colleague, self or another
2. Understand, and ensure implementation of Eastleigh Care Homes Health and Safety policy and
Emergency & Fire procedures
3. Ensure any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or potential hazard are reviewed in line
with Company policies and procedures
4. Promote safe working practice within the home
5. Take responsibility for identifying signs of risk
6. Initiates and communicates the requirement for protective measures
7. Overall responsibility for the Health, Safety and Welfare of self and others. Ensuring compliance at
all times with the requirements of appropriate Regulations and Acts
Training and Development
1. Maintain professional knowledge and competence
2. Maintain registration with the NMC (where manager is a clinical manager)
3. Participate in first aid training as required
4. Attend mandatory training days/courses, on or off site, as and when required
5. Undertake training identified at appraisal
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6. Participate in the ongoing development, implementation and monitoring of the care plans
1. Take lead responsibility for infection control, and that all areas are compliant with the Health and
Social Care Act 2008
2. Promotes and contributes to the development of a culture that is open to change, innovation and
quality improvement
3. Develops, maintains and promotes an understanding of ongoing developments/changes within
Eastleigh Care Homes and the service provision
4. Promote and ensure the good reputation of Eastleigh Care Homes
5. Ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not divulged to third
parties. Respect confidential information obtained in the course of professional practice, refraining
from disclosing such information without the consent of the client, or a person entitled to act on
his/her behalf, except where disclosure is required by law or by the order of a Court or is necessary
in the public interest
6. Promote equal opportunities for staff and clients
7. Ensure that the security of Eastleigh Care Homes is maintained at all times
8. Ensure that all equipment is clean and well maintained
9. Notify Senior Manager as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty, and also on your return
from all periods of absence
10. Wear smart professional attire, as agreed with Eastleigh Care Homes
11. Maintain personal standards of hygiene and promote universal precautions to limit cross infection
12. Adhere to all Company policies / procedures within the defined timescales

If required to work as part of the night duty team, providing wakeful cover of the Home. It is a dismissible
offence to be found asleep on duty.

The post holder must devote their whole time and attention to such duties.

This job description is designed to identify the principle responsibilities of the post only, and is subject to
review in the light of the changing needs of the business. It is not intended as an exhaustive list. The
post holder is required to be flexible in developing the role of Registered Manager to respond to new and
changing demands.