National Day of Reflection – 23.03.2021

The pandemic has meant different things to each of us; however, it has definitely changed all of our lives.

During the last 12 months we have experienced a roller coaster that has impacted the lives of those living and working in our homes.

The announcement of the National Day of Reflection was something that for all of us would mean so much to stop and mark the significance of the date and what then followed.

We have therefore chosen to adopt this day into our calendar and will be marking the occasion with the following activities:

  • Staff, residents and visitors will be encouraged to wear something yellow (in line with the Marie Curie daffodil colours);
  • The homes will experience a day ‘filled with yellow’ with activities and events to commemorate the day;
  • A minute’s quiet reflection will be held at midday and 8pm in the homes (if you are visiting or planning to call at these times please consider our wish to respect this time);
  • Afternoon tea will be a daffodil occasion, with cake toppers and yellow themed foods;
  • We will be stepping outside at 8pm to shine our lights.

We ask you to join us in our commemoration of this significant date, perhaps by wearing something yellow at home and to take the time to reflect on the pandemic and the lives of those it has affected and those we have lost.

A date that will hopefully mark the start of the pandemic but also allow us to focus to the future with the second vaccines.

Thank you for you continued support.

Connor Fewings