Creative Therapist for Care Home in Minehead

We are currently looking for a Creative Therapist to join us in our Minehead home. Full & part-time hours available,  at £10.10 per hour. Will involve some weekend and bank holiday working. If you are interested in finding out more about the role or to apply for the role please visit our Job Vacancies page.


Purpose of Role

  • Generate the interest and enthusiasm of different client groups and individual clients, work with other staff members to ensure that they are aware of planned activities and that clients are available to participate.
  • To drive, support and deliver a first-class experience for our residents, by providing them with a clinical and personalised care package that meets their physical, mental and psychological well-being.
  • Monitor, manage and support excellent resident focused care across all areas of the care domain.
  • Ensure that care is delivered empathically, personally and with effective outcomes at the root of all decision making
  • Ensure that all communication and documentation is compliant with current data guidelines, contemporaneous, comprehensive, and managed sensitively and with respect.
  • Complete reflective practice personally and where required for members of the team to strive for care excellence.
  • Demonstrate effective and safe usage of the Minibus/pool car to provide outings for Clients.
  • Assist with care where required during busy periods of the day to ensure continued provision of care.
  • To provide a framework of planned and ad hoc social activities by assisting the Creational Activity Manager to organise and coordinate this and also helping the team continue offering some provision of activities when there are no creative therapists present



  • We will carefully listen & observe how each resident likes their care and support
  • We will help residents to make their own decisions to remain as independent as possible
  • We will always see the whole person rather than merely seeing a list of care needs, providing anti-discriminatory care
  • We will ensure that the highest possible levels of care are maintained by supporting/assisting residents when required with washing, toileting, dressing, undressing, and all other aspects of daily living
  • We will assist residents in their holistic care needs (e.g. physical, emotional and spiritual)
  • We will provide attention to our residents when needed, ensuring they retain their comfort, dignity and independence
  • We will ensure that our whole time is dedicated to the welfare of our residents and engage with the rest of the team to ensure that this is the focus in all interventions
  • We will deliver all care and support considering resident’s preferences and work to deliver these wherever possible, championing this within the team
  • We will work with residents who may be confused and/or who have behavioural problems, alongside the behavioural specialist
  • We will ensure that the highest possible level of hygiene is always maintained and assist all colleagues to audit and sustain this.
  • We will ensure that we report for duty on time and are correctly attired for the working day
  • We will advocate for our residents in all aspects of our role
  • Safeguarding our residents will always be our priority, and we will observe and direct others to achieve the same standard
  • We will ensure that full privacy and dignity is maintained for the dying and bereaved, and that the death of a resident is supported in the most appropriate and compassionate way
  • We will ensure that our residents remain empowered to make decisions, and where their decision is lacking capacity the least restrictive option is considered and applied. Documenting our decision accordingly
  • Where needed we will liaise with the shift Registered Nurse to ensure that all aspects of care are delivered safely and correctly



  • We will work efficiently and conscientiously to complete all tasks within the agreed timescale
  • We will ensure that all notes are recorded in detail, contemporaneously, conform to data protection legislation and with qualitative data that clearly identifies the health need, action and outcome for each intervention
  • We will take a proactive stance on the maintaining and enhancement of standards across the business
  • We will participate in team meetings with continuous improvement of our service being the focus of our energies
  • We will ensure that any concerns regarding the welfare of a resident / staff, or any incident or event that may bring the company into disrepute are shared immediately with the most appropriate senior individual
  • Supporting the team by ensuring all consumables and equipment to be used within the current shift and beyond are available to allow residents to take part in activities even when there are no creative therapists on shift
  • We are always knowledgeable regarding the whereabouts of all clients
  • We will prioritise our workload and use resources effectively
  • We will always communicate effectively with residents, visitors and colleagues
  • We will always ensure that the security of Eastleigh Care Homes is maintained at all times



  • We will contribute to a culture where doing the right thing for the resident is the focus, championing this on our shift and in the home at all times
  • We will deliver quality, personalised resident interactions at every engagement.
  • We will practice maximum integrity in all dealings with resident personal affairs, and avoid abuse of the privileged relationship that exists with our residents
  • We will promote equality for all residents, treating everyone fairly and respecting their views & opinions
  • We will wear our uniform and present ourselves in a professional manner, adhering to standards of policy. Observing and supporting others in the team to achieve the same
  • We will maintain personal standards of hygiene and promote universal precautions to limit cross infection
  • We will ensure that all equipment is clean and well maintained, highlighting concerns if present
  • We will act with integrity and be committed to the rights of our residents, including those of privacy, dignity and independence
  • We will control any unconscious prejudice to anyone we help or work with
  • We will remain focused during any periods of change or uncertainty
  • We will lead by example in all areas of our work showing a genuine pride for what we do and where we do it
  • We will share with a manager immediately any concerns that we observe or are aware of that may impact on the health, wellbeing and safeguarding of our residents
  • We will monitor our resident’s hygiene and self-care, assisting them to maintain their appearance and presentation to their former norms



  • We will be self-motivated and keen to learn, participating in all learning identified
  • We will assist with the delivery of learning to colleagues on an informal basis where required
  • We will be an excellent timekeeper and reliable in all our duties.
  • We will maintain professional knowledge and competence in all that we do
  • We will notify the senior person in charge, as soon as possible of our inability to report for duty, and also on return from all periods of absence
  • We will report immediately to the director or registered manager, any illness of an infectious nature or accident either of a resident, colleague, self or another
  • We will ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not divulged to third parties. Respect confidential information obtained in the course of professional practice, refraining from disclosing such information in any media
  • We will support new colleagues into the team and be a mentor if required
  • We will maintain a good stamina and level of fitness to meet the demands of the job
  • We will demonstrate ability to use own initiative and work alone or as part of a team
  • We will treat all colleagues with respect and understanding, sharing any concerns about the welfare or performance of colleagues with a manager as soon as possible
  • We will support the management team in all endeavours for the ongoing performance and success of the business
  • We will promote and contribute to the development of a culture that is open to change, innovation and quality improvement, whilst promoting and ensuring the good reputation of Eastleigh Care Homes


Modern Slavery is the exploitation of people who have been forced, deceived, or coerced into a life of labour and servitude. It is a crime hidden from society where victims are subjected to abuse, inhumane and degrading treatment. Should anyone feel they are a victim of modern slavery they inform us immediately

This job description is designed to identify the principle responsibilities of the post only and is subject to review in the light of the changing needs of the business. It is not intended as an exhaustive list.