COVID-19 Statement

At Eastleigh Care Homes we are taking the threat of COVID-19 very seriously. We are doing everything possible to protect our residents. Trying to protect them from contracting COVID-19 is one of our top priorities


All staff who had taken leave outside of the UK are required to complete a detailed return to work, prior to engaging with colleagues or residents.  This supports us to assess their health and if they are showing any signs of symptoms to take immediate measures.  Those who have returned from a Category 2 area have to have a 72 hour period back in the UK before they return to the home for this assessment as an additional measure.


We are liaising with Government bodies and local services daily to ensure that we remain current with developments of the virus both within the UK and worldwide.


All staff have received a comprehensive refresher in infection control guidelines and we will continue to revisit this over the coming period.  Our management are being vigilant of this to increase safety for everyone in our homes.


Due to national panic purchasing we are experiencing some challenges with procuring certain items, although these are not purchases that could increase risk to our residents or cause any restrictions for them as a result of them not being available.


We have considered staffing and management of the homes in the event of a wider spread of the infection and have a business contingency in place.


Whilst we are taking the potential threat of the disease very seriously we are focusing on ensuring that our residents are not affected by the negative media surrounding this worldwide issue.


If there are to be any major changes we will update you.