Why should you consider assisted living for your loved one?

Why Should You Consider Assisted Living For Your Loved One?

Daily chores can become increasingly difficult as the years creep up on us. Some of the routines we take for granted such as cooking, cleaning and even getting dressed can seem like mountainous tasks. Just because peeling potatoes or reaching for the top shelf are no longer possible, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want or need someone with us 24/7.

Assisted living allows elderly residents to retain the privacy and independence of their own home environment while providing a reassuring daily support. By having their own space to live in as they please, and decorate as they like, with Eastleigh Care Homes assisted living in Devon and Somerset is a completely dignified experience. Residents can even embrace a full social life as part of an active community of friendly neighbours.

While it may be important for residents to retain a level of independence, they should also be mindful of their families, who can find it reassuring that they are receiving regular support for the most difficult of tasks. Knowing that they are safe can give them, and even ultimately the residents themselves, peace of mind.

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The Basics: What is assisted living?

Suitable for those that do not require daily care, assisted living is a particular type of service provided for the elderly in residential homes.

Staff at Eastleigh Care Homes take care of a plethora of residents’ needs such as food preparation, eating, personal hygiene, dressing, laundry, housekeeping, lavatory duties and even walking if necessary. All included in the fees, the service is bespoke to each resident’s needs, so whatever they might be having difficulty with, it needn’t be a problem for much longer.

Crucially, those requiring certain types of medical care still receive the necessary amount of attention.

Eastleigh Care Homes assisted living arrangements cater not only to the physical, but also the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social needs of residents. Families can have peace of mind that their loved ones’ every need is being taken care of, primarily:

  • Day to day support
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Enjoyable activities
  • Intellectual stimulation

Enabling residents to retain:

  • A degree of independence
  • Privacy
  • Dignity

Why choose assisted living?

A daunting prospect for some, your elderly loved one may not yet feel they are ready for the big change of living| in the communal area of a care home. The true power of assisted living is that they get to retain their feeling of control, so that there is less of a shock regarding their diminishing responsibilities. With assisted living at an Eastleigh Care Home, their individuality need not feel under threat.

Instead of asking them to change their entire lifestyle, they are essentially just being asked to change their address.

The exact amount of care required depends on the individual. Eastleigh Care Homes have been looking after those in needs in Devon and Somerset for decades with our various services. If you’re still unsure which type of care home is best suited to you, take a look at this article on the difference between a nursing home and residential home.

If you’re considering assisted living in Somerset or Devon then feel free to call us on 01769 573 166 to discuss which one might be best for your needs.