We have gained a first class reputation as one of the leading independent care operators by simply doing everything we can for our residents.

Eastleigh Care Homes has an established track record of clinical quality. All of our homes have a reported level of compliance with the Care Quality Commission and other regulatory standards.

We ensure that our services are accessible and appropriate for all residents, visitors, students, contractors and carers.

Our internal governance is monitored by our Registered Managers and a monthly audit completed which is assessed as a group for compliance.

Quality of care is not always about the tangible facts but as much about word of mouth and the quality perception of the service. Eastleigh Care Homes actively reviews the views of residents and their families through regular processes. These include one to one resident reviews, resident meetings, questionnaires and comments / complaint processes.

Should you feel that you have a concern about the quality of our service please do not hesitate to let us know as delivery of excellent service is paramount to us.