Independent ownership

We’ve grown our reputation and capacity to care for people by being independently owned.

Our independence ensures that we make decisions focused on improving the care of our residents – nothing else.

Our owner and Chairman’s view that Eastleigh Care Homes should be “Everything I’d look for if it were for me or my family” is shared by our entire team and is the reason why we’ve established ourselves as a leading independent operator providing 181 beds for elderly care.

Mr Garry Wilson, Chairman is still integral to the business and a regular face within the home for staff, residents and visitors. This ability to retain a full knowledge of the business and applying modern methodologies that meet the daily requirements of staff and residents ensures that Eastleigh remains at the forefront of care excellence.


Our values of care are fundamental to the philosophy of our home and achieving our aim to provide residents with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well being and comfort are of paramount importance:

Privacy                Ensuring that we preserve the residents privacy

Rights                 Allow all basic human rights at all times to the resident

Independence     Promoting the resident to make their own decisions, think and act for themselves and take reasonable risks related to their capabilities

Dignity                Respecting the resident and guaranteeing that their dignity is never compromised

Equality              Ensure that everyone who frequents our home is treated equally and unequivocally

Security              To protect our residents from hazards or abuse and allowing them to take measured risks to enhance their independence


Eastleigh Care Homes strives to continually provide high standards of care and a principal to our daily work is always to consider if we meet our core value of:

‘Everything I would look for if
it were for me or my family’

To ensure we meet this we endeavour to always:

Understand our residents’ needs

Promote excellent care values

Ensure that we select, continually train and motivate our staff to exceed resident expectations